Since the founding of the company in 1989, CEBRA has emerged as a high-performance agency for the development and realisation of concepts for exhibitions, events and trade-fair projects. CEBRA GmbH's mission is to express corporate values and communication objectives in convincing and emotional brand presentations.
We understand the development of concepts in the field of tension that exists between marketing, communication and architecture as an important strategic contribution to the integral public image of a company.

In the process, striking contemporary design is as much a focus of the project work as the sustainability and continuity of design concepts.
To achieve our objectives, our team in Wolfsburg offers a wide spectrum of experience and skills in the various design disciplines.
From architects through to multimedia specialists, from professional planners through to model builders, a well-coordinated team works in harmony under a single roof. Creativity, adherence to deadlines and solid reliability have made CEBRA into an organisation whose deep fund of experience flows into every new project. Worldwide.